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Aero Solutions enables our clients to expedite their deployments of macrocell and small cell wireless networks. With over 15 years of continual innovation, performing over 4,000 design/build tower collocations, and extensive small cell engineering and project management experience, we have established ourselves as a national leader in the wireless infrastructure market.At the heart of our company, we are innovators, led by technical excellence and a clear understanding of what happens in the field. Our delivery team works tirelessly, year after year, to keep us ahead of the curve by providing forward thinking solutions and outstanding customer service.
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Aero Solutions is focused on optimizing both Small Cell and Macrocell wireless infrastructure by offering innovative engineering and cost effective solutions for implementation on the ground, building rooftops, new and existing pole structures, and traditional cellular tower applications.

Site Design Walks

Aero Solutions engineers walk every project site to provide valuable, expert input for the design process. We know the initial design walk is critical to the success of each project.

Zoning and Construction Drawings

We work with site acquisition to deliver zoning sets that comply with local requirements. We provide innovative, detailed construction drawings that meet all applicable codes and standards and we secure building permits as required.


Aero Solutions provides 3D renderings so all parties can see what the finished project will look like. This helps expedite the approval process.

Structural Mapping

Aero Solutions conducts site audits to obtain structural as-built tower information. We offer pre-construction climbed mapping of the tower to obtain information needed prior to final design recommendations and fabrication drawings. We also conduct post-construction climbs to verify the installation was accurately completed.

Structural Design/Analysis

We perform structural analyses for new-build projects to ensure the proposed antenna and equipment can be adequately supported and the design adheres to all building code requirements.

Modification/Retrofit Design

Our engineering team provides full retrofit designs in the event that a proposed antenna supporting structure is inadequate to support the recommended equipment. Our retrofit solutions are cost effective and easy to construct.

Custom Mount/Concealment Designs (rooftop)

When off-the-shelf equipment support products cannot fit the needs of the carrier, we map out and design custom mounts to fit site-specific design constraints. Aero Solutions designs unique antenna concealment structures using RF friendly materials that can be textured and painted to match the existing building materials.

Tower Analysis

We provide complete structural analysis services per the applicable TIA-222 code for traditional telecom towers including monopoles, self support towers, and guyed towers. We recommend modifications in the event of a failing analysis and work directly with tower owners to implement successful modifications.

Tower Mount Analysis

Our engineers calculate loads on an existing tower mount before new equipment is installed. We create a 3D model of the mount and analyze the members and connections. If a mount is failing, Aero Solutions provides reinforcement or replacement recommendations.


We design and provide construction drawings for monopole reinforcements, and can quickly deliver reinforcement material (PoleMax®/MP3) when needed. Our reinforcements have been installed on more than 2,500 sites of the major US tower owners including Crown Castle International, American Tower, AT&T Towers, Verizon, SBA, C-Spire, and numerous others.