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Aero Solutions enables our clients to expedite their deployments of macrocell and small cell wireless networks. With over 15 years of continual innovation, performing over 4,000 design/build tower collocations, and extensive small cell engineering and project management experience, we have established ourselves as a national leader in the wireless infrastructure market.At the heart of our company, we are innovators, led by technical excellence and a clear understanding of what happens in the field. Our delivery team works tirelessly, year after year, to keep us ahead of the curve by providing forward thinking solutions and outstanding customer service.
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Aero Solutions’ innovative products offer unparalleled solutions to strengthen and/or extend existing tower structures safely, timely, and with little or no interruption to existing service providers. Our extension structures are state-of-the-art and fabricated in high-strength steel or advanced composite materials, both aerodynamically shaped to reduce wind loading.

Monopole Reinforcements

Aero Solutions provides non-welded reinforcement products for monopoles, designed for durability and safety. These products are designed to strengthen base plate connections, anchor rod brackets, and extend monopole structures. Aero introduced the industry’s first non-welded connection between an existing monopole top and extension structure. Wireless carriers are able to stay in service while extension structures are being installed.

Lattice Tower Reinforcements

Aero Solutions provides permanent non-welded reinforcing solutions, for tower legs and cross members. Aero Composite Products can be used for local repair solutions on damaged or corroded tubular members to extend the life of the tower structure. The Aero Truss Leg Reinforcement System is a prefabricated steel assembly designed to increase the capacity of 12`` and 18`` self-supporting truss legs on PiRod truss leg towers. These reinforcement members add compressive and tensile strength to the truss legs. The TRS System is patent-pending and non-welded.