Aero Solutions | 51′ Monopole Extension & PoleMax Reinforcement
Aero Solutions enables our clients to expedite their deployments of macrocell and small cell wireless networks. With over 15 years of continual innovation, performing over 4,000 design/build tower collocations, and extensive small cell engineering and project management experience, we have established ourselves as a national leader in the wireless infrastructure market.At the heart of our company, we are innovators, led by technical excellence and a clear understanding of what happens in the field. Our delivery team works tirelessly, year after year, to keep us ahead of the curve by providing forward thinking solutions and outstanding customer service.
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51′ Monopole Extension & PoleMax Reinforcement

51′ Monopole Extension & PoleMax Reinforcement

51′ Monopole Extension & PoleMax Reinforcement  |  Elkin, North Carolinaportfolio 51 ft mono

Project Description:

This monopole is located in Surry County, North Carolina and provides cell coverage for the Surry area. This project focused on providing a turn-key solution for the structural modification and placement of new antennas on an extension and equipment to support the cell carrier’s effort to provide improved cell coverage to the Surry area.

Aero Solutions Role:

Aero Solutions provided a turn-key solution to bring the tower into compliance with the new antenna loading using non-welded reinforcing elements. The existing monopole was extended by 51 feet to bring the total height to 195 feet. Twelve new panel antennas were installed onto the steel extension at a height of 195’ feet. Due to the new wind area of the antennas, the lower sections of the monopole also required structural reinforcement using the Pole Max® channels. Bolted channels were installed symmetrically around the pole from 13 – 48 feet, and again from 40 – 146 feet. The existing 5 foot shaft extension and flange at the top of the pole had to be removed. In addition to the new loading at 195’, the existing mount at 153’ had to be temporarily removed and reinstalled and the same elevation. All carriers remained in service during the modification upgrade and extension installation.

Technical Description:

Tower Type: Monopole
Height: 195 Feet

51ft case study






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