Aero Solutions | Skyscraper Broadcast Monopole Restoration
Aero Solutions enables our clients to expedite their deployments of macrocell and small cell wireless networks. With over 15 years of continual innovation, performing over 4,000 design/build tower collocations, and extensive small cell engineering and project management experience, we have established ourselves as a national leader in the wireless infrastructure market.At the heart of our company, we are innovators, led by technical excellence and a clear understanding of what happens in the field. Our delivery team works tirelessly, year after year, to keep us ahead of the curve by providing forward thinking solutions and outstanding customer service.
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Skyscraper Broadcast Monopole Restoration

Skyscraper Broadcast Monopole Restoration

portfolio KHONSkyscraper Broadcast Monopole Restoration  |  Honolulu, Hawaii

Project Description:

In the summer of 2010, Aero Solutions installed carbon fiber wrap and 145’ of grout reinforcement to this monopole in Honolulu, HI, located on top of an office and residential building in downtown Honolulu. Aero not only reinforced the existing monopole but provided technical and engineering support. We installed all the transmitting equipment and new antennas for this local television station. This project logistically had a large amount of moving parts and different factors to consider throughout. Most notable were the 26 helicopter lifts consisting of 800 lbs of grout for each lift, to the roof of the building, all being completed within 48 minutes. While respecting the environment, the surrounding city and adhering by the highest safety standards, Aero successfully reinforced and installed all new antennas and transmitting equipment.

Aero Solutions Role:

Aero was responsible for overseeing material fabrication, shipping and installation.

Technical Description:

Tower Type: Monopole
Tower Height: 190 feet
Total Height: 501 feet
Client: New Vision Television, KHON-TV

Hawaii Trio

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